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Noa’sMark is a management and marketing consulting firm dedicated to helping companies deliver strong strategies which align with their business goals, create the highest ROI, and build long-term, beneficial relationships with their audiences.


We work with tech-driven companies across Asia advising top executives on pressing challenges and opportunities in strategy, marketing, fundraising, sales, customer service, and growth. We work closely with our partners using a Jobs To Be Done framework to determine accurate, time-bound, and measurable objectives, understand their unique selling points, and generate effective communications with B2B or B2C clients, potential investors, and the press.


We use our business insight and marketing expertise to help our clients make better decisions, think on their feet, and achieve sustainable success through fully customized strategic improvements.


We leverage our ties to the business and technology communities in Taiwan and Israel to establish a strong network of startups, accelerators, and VCs from both countries. 


Israeli innovation

Noa’sMark founder and CEO Noa Lifshitz has over 10 years of marketing experience and has worked with numerous Israeli companies helping them achieve their business goals.


At Noa’sMark, she now consults for companies in Taiwan, China, Singapore, and Israel on their business plans, marketing strategies, and fundraising campaigns, and has helped Asian companies raise millions of dollars from international VCs.


Coming from the startup nation of Israel, Noa teaches ambitious entrepreneurs how to efficiently communicate with diverse audiences around the world as well as how to build effective ventures that not only raise funds but also achieve long-term success.

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