5 Essential Rules to Creating Quality Content

“Content is King” – It’s one of the most popular marketing trends of 2016 and found wherever you look online. But if content is king, then quality is queen. Quality content establishes you as a thought-leader in your industry, increases site traffic and ultimately drives more conversions.

Producing low-grade content will hurt a company’s reputation and damage its bottom lines. Google’s algorithm detects sub-par content and your website’s SEO ranking will plummet, resulting in less visibility than competitors who produce better materials.

Here are the 5 basic rules you need to keep in order to create top-notch content that will blow the competition out of the water.

1. Keywords are key for a reason

Keywords are topic significant words or phrases that ensure your content stays focused and doesn't deviate too much from your specific niche and strategy goals. Additionally, searchers use keywords to find specific information and only sites with relevant keywords will rank in search engines and be visible. Do your keyword research well by following guides from industry thought-leaders like Moz, use keyword research tools like Google’s Keyword Planner and incorporate the keywords naturally within your content.

2. Keep It Simple Stupid (or KISS)

The KISS principle states that systems kept simple and uncomplicated work best and this rule is fundamental when it comes to content. Audiences today demand instant-everything and don’t have time or patience to read super detailed articles. If it’s too long, wordy, or elaborate, chances are your audience will skip your content and move to something else. According to a NewsCred Insights post, people spend an average of 37 seconds on articles. Keep things short and to the point so that readers will stick with you until the end.

3. Get them thinking

Thought provoking content engages your audience and keeps them interested in what you have to say. Additionally, engaging content is more likely to go viral which will increase your exposure.

Use controversial statements, include a memorable story, or end an article with a question that leaves readers thinking about the information you just shared.

4. Make it worth the readers’ while

Create valuable content that solves an issue or educates your audience on a topic that’s important to them. Get to the bottom of what makes your audience tick and create clear, helpful content based on that. If they feel like you provided actual help, they’ll be sure to return to get more of your content and share it with others as well.

5. Make it your own

It’s definitely challenging to be original with so many brands covering the same topics as you. Don’t repeat what’s been said a million times over. Google punishes sites with imitative content by lowering their SEO rankings. Take time to brainstorm and ask yourself questions like what makes your brand unique or what common questions do consumers repeatedly have? Use this information to produce content with a one-of-a-kind spin that will have your brand standing out from the crowd.

Putting it all Together

Quality is what will have your content reign over the web. When your content is excellent, you’re able to fulfill your reader’s needs, build their trust, drive more leads to your business and increase conversions.

How do you come up with quality content?

Let us know in the comments below!

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