How to Foster Brand Loyalty Through Marketing

With so many brands vying for people’s attention, it’s one thing to keep your audience’s attention long enough to engage with you once, and a whole other ball game to keep them coming back for more. The following tactics will allow you to take full advantage of the latest marketing methods and help you generate the sort of trust it takes to get clients to choose your brand over the competition, time and time again.

Establish Your Reputation

You want your audience to love your brand, but self-declaring praise will most likely work against you. Consumers often turn to industry experts and peer reviews for genuine advice, so that’s where you should focus your energy. Take customer feedback seriously and highlight positive reviews to gain trust. Engage with industry experts – having a guest blog or an endorsement from a thought leader will go a long way for your brand.

Build a Relationship

Without investing in a relationship with your customers, you won’t succeed in keeping them around. Think of the consumer journey, the thought process that goes into engaging with a brand and the satisfaction gained when the product or service provides customers what they need and want.

Having this in mind not only allows you to answer their needs at each step of the process, but eventually brings you to anticipate them. Providing the solution before the problem arises will leave customers trusting in your brand and turning to you as a leader in the market.

Be Disruptive

Disrupting the status quo is easier said than done. Do it right and you’ll enjoy a surge of devoted fans. Build a strategy that reflects your audience's passions and run with it.

Need inspiration? Look at Patagonia’s Common Threads Initiative, a campaign from a clothing company telling their audience to buy less due to shopping’s negative environmental impacts. Seems counterintuitive, yet their annual sales grew 40% in the two years following this campaign launch.

Why? The message spoke volumes to their target audience. It identified with their values, which in turn encouraged them to interact with and commit to the brand.

Be Social

Social media is one of the most powerful communication tools available today, making it an integral part of building brand loyalty. As a means of direct interaction, brands can leverage social media to reach out and directly engage with their target demographic, enabling them to establish personal connections and build relationships.

Use Mobile Data Correctly

Every smartphone has its own unique ID. When used correctly, mobile IDs offer a more accurate way to collect data and create a robust profile of your target audience, based on demographics, interests, and online behaviors. As a marketer, you can now reach the right people with the right message- much more so than ever before.

Utilize Real-Time Communication

Real-time marketing provides forward-thinking answers to customers, who often rely on their mobile devices for convenience. Contextual recommendations are not only a useful tool in a marketer’s arsenal, but a highly appealing one for consumers. Find brand-relevant, immediate benefits for your audience and they’ll keep coming back.


Whichever way you decide to build your strategy, if you keep your customer at the center of the plan, you will keep their attention and earn their loyalty. Customer engagement isn’t just a marketing campaign metric, it’s a way of fulfilling your customer’s needs and exceeding their expectations. By doing so, you won’t need to reach too far for them to respond.

How are you fostering brand loyalty? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

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