The Best Productivity Apps Your Small Business Needs

If entrepreneurs could choose one thing to have more of it would be time. From managing teams, projects, products, and everything else - there is just so much to accomplish. An often thought of solution is to invest in a project management software like Clarizen or Basecamp. But with starting prices of $45 - $100 a month, these apps might be too expensive for small businesses with tight budgets.

Thankfully, there are plenty of affordable apps out there that help organize an overwhelming workload and manage your small business efficiently.

Here are 5 apps the Noa’sMark team uses to make sure things are running smoothly:


With team members spread across different countries simultaneously working on multiple projects for different clients, we needed a task management platform to help us stay on top of things.

Todoist makes it easy for us to know exactly what’s going on and allows us to assign tasks with clear deadlines, set up recurring alarms for routine projects, use color-coded priority levels to focus on important work, and add related files or notes to organize all the necessary information in one place. It also syncs data across all devices so everyone on our team always has the most up-to-date information no matter where they are.


Todoist Basic - FREE

Todoist Business - $28.99/user/year

Todoist Inbox


Creating content for our customers means we’re constantly brainstorming and seeking information on different topics. Essentially a digital notebook, Evernote enables us to save notes quickly jotted down during meetings, capture relevant images or videos, and clip interesting articles to spark fresh ideas for blog posts. All we need for relieving the stress of sorting through mountains of papers is tag the notes we’re saving so we can easily locate them in the future.


Evernote Basic – Free

Evernote Plus - $3.99/month

Evernote Premium - $7.99/month


Google Drive

When collaborating on documents, so much time is wasted on sending files back and forth via email and tracking down previous versions. Google Drive is not only a complete cloud drive solution, this user-friendly tool also saves us precious time by letting us create, edit, and share documents with team members and clients in real-time. It also provides access to the document’s revision history, making it clear to see who’s made changes. Additionally, being able to create folders allows us to keep all our documents organized, and with URLs for every file, we can access them quickly and easily.


15 GB - FREE

100 GB - $1.99/month

1 TB - $9.99/month

10 TB - $99.99/month

Google Drive


To manage our time better, we must first be aware of how we use it. Toggl is an incredibly simple time tracking software that enables us to categorize work by clients and projects, so we know exactly where we’ve spent our time. We can even add hourly rates to time entries to keep track of how much we’ve earned for a particular task.

With its advanced reporting features, we view all our data, filter and sort it, analyze our productivity to gain valuable business insights, and send accurate reports directly to clients.


Toggl Basic - FREE

Toggl Starter - $9.00/user/month

Toggl Premium - $18.00/user/month

Toggl Enterprise - $49.00/user/month

Toggl’s Reports


With team members working in countries all across Asia, a comfortable, available, global communication tool is extremely important for us to keep in touch and maintain our team spirit.

With Skype, we call each other from wherever we are, reduce business travel costs by holding online conferences, and send day-to-day updates using the instant messaging feature. Additionally, with Skype’s video and screen sharing capabilities, we never have to compromise on the personalization of face-to-face time or sacrifice visual presentations.


Skype Basic - FREE

Skype Business - $2.00/user/month

Skype Chat


Organization and effective time management are what differentiate businesses from competitors and gets them to the top. These affordable tools make it possible for small businesses to enjoy the same productivity perks afforded to big companies and have that competitive edge.

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